Here you find some examples by using PLANTOS VERDE.


left: without treatment. right: 1x Plantos Verde


small left picture: treated, height 3,20 m. small right picture: untreated, heigh 2,0 m


With Plantos Verde 3x 500-550 g. Without 400-450 g. Both fields were treated with 100kg/ha ammonium nitrate.


Frost was measured:
26.02.2010: -5° C
27.02.2010: -6° C
31.01.2010: -4° C

Normally, a tree loses 20-50 % of all fruits during a period of frost.
Sometimes total loss.
Herer 5-10 %, 3x Plantos Verde


Conventional agriculture plus 6x Plantos Verde. Result: 14 ha 580 tons


3x Plantos Verde. higher hectolitre weight. About 10% more yield and protein

left: 2x Plantos Verde. right: not treated

left: 3x Plantos Verde. right: conventional nitrogen 100kg/ha

eft: fertiilized conventionally. right: 2x Plantos Verde

left: 3x Plantos Verde. right: not treated

Lettuce Croatia

1. picture: 2 days after planting
2. picture: 10 days later
3. picture: 20 days later
4. picture: 25 days later, before the harvest
in total 4 treatments