Plantos Verde®

Plantos Verde - quality, production process, application and effects on biological processes in the plant, and the results of its practical application in many countries.

Plantos Verde ® on plants

From all that has been said so far, it can be concluded that Plantos Verde initiates and supports numerous physiological processes in the plant from the first day of its application to the ripening of the fruits. Here we wish to summarize its most important effects that we have seen and recorded in experiments as well as in the production on large areas on virtually all continents. In short, here are the most important observations:

Plantos Verde....

  • brings back the plants primeval vitality and strength
  • increases the percentage of dry matter
  • increases percentage of dry matter, size and weight of fruits
  • improves organoleptic properties of fruits
  • intenzified growth and develpement of plants
  • increases plants resistance to diseases and,to some extent, to pests
  • makes plants strong and vital, resulting in a reduced need of protective means
  • strengthens plantss resistance to the lack of water in certain phenophases of their development
  • significantly increases the yield of plants
  • accelerates phenophases of development and the growt of plants
  • also accelerates the ripening and maturation of fruits
  • increases the percentage of sugar in grapes and sugar beets, as well as in fruit and vegetable crops